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Why?  Why is crime exploding everywhere…here?  First, is it true that crime is ex-losing everywhere?  Is “everywhere” a fair choice of word in this conversation?

Taking each of these questions separately…and is the opening a trick question!  The answer is obvious, and you know that answer.  Everywhere is perhaps an exaggeration.  But a fair choice of words…I submit, yes, yes, it is!

While we in this country (talking about America here, for those of you with that question mark hovering over your head), we simultaneously complain about it, and at the same time deflect from it based on our personal biases.  Think politics, think social groups, thing region, etc.  We don’t agree…on almost anything, almost everything today!  Half of us seem to be living in a state named ‘denial.’  The other half could be said to be living over the top in the state named sensationalism.  Reality is somewhere not far away, but not where they are.

Where is the crime I speak of?  Everywhere.  Again, that word.  Every city, every county, and every state across America.  I’m in America so I’m not speaking about other countries.  Things may be different in those other places.  Their stories may be the same or different, or, they may have their own view of it all.  If you are in a war-torn country or an island in the middle of the ocean, your view will likely be different.  If you are living under a country lead by one of this planets tyrannical governments or dictatorships, where a form of Martial Law is the norm, you also may see it different.

Maybe you live alone on a Himalayan mountaintop, or on some desert outpost in the Australian Outback…and your nearest “other” people are miles away.  Perhaps you live in what was recently identified as the “happiest country in the world” Finland.  But America is the self described greatest, richest, freest (as in, most free) and strongest country in the world.  Our Presidents are called the Leaders of the Free World!  At least by us.

And with all that, most/many in America will agree, crime in this country is uncomfortably out of control, unmanaged, and moving toward anarchy in places.

The above link points to just one story.  And this story is more about a particular aspect of our crime problem, flash-mob type activities.  The flash mob trend was first more associated with a more entertainment kind of dynamic, but the evolution and use has broadened.  But this story is playing out across the country in the many big cities.  Cities with big modern police departments, big governments, high paid public officials and seeming nice law-abiding citizens.  The truth is all those qualities of our cities just might be the reason why things are what they are and where they are. At least they may be among the reasons.

You may be asking “when is this guy going to get to the point, the answer…

NOT YET…stay with me.

Let me preference this post with a qualification, or disqualification if you choose.  I am a long-retired cop.  My views of things may have…ok, yeah, they do have a bias.  My daughter will testify to that, likely as a hostile witness.

I have no problem with the fact that I have a bias. I have lived a life of service, as you my know from my profile (found on my website…not so subtle hint to go to my website!). 

The service was law enforcement and then continued into the dark world of intelligence when September 11 hit, literally!  So, you will have to bear with that if you continue reading from here on.  I don’t like people that take advantage of others, don’t follow that basic rule of civility and feel that their needs outweigh your pain.  I look back on my youth to a time when I was searching for some kind of ego and chose to pick a fight with a young, smaller stature kid named Johnny N.  Thinking back, I cannot recall anything that he may have done to deserve my choice.  My choice was to pick a fight with him.  I likely presumed that I could take him.  I did.  He didn’t want to light.  He protested.  I ignored.  We attracted a small group of kids to this childish event.  So, I had my ego boasting audience and punched Johnny one or two times.  I don’t even recall how far that fight got.  I won the punching part.  But as we parted, I lost.  My conscience, my inner eye looked at me and inner voice spoke to me.  I was a coward, and I was the lesser of the two humans in that encounter that I created.  I learned a lesson from that, and it stuck with me for the rest of my life.  I never again picked on smaller guys, or bigger guys.  I didn’t pick fights at all, beyond my martial arts training.

I also learned a lesson from my single parent mom that stuck with me.  Though we were hungry and living at life’s edge, we were ok because she did all she could to provide for me.  She worked.  Day and night.  And so much so that I was left alone, a so-called latch key kid, for most of my elementary and secondary school years.  There were losses and problems in that time, but I survived and eventually became a man. So, enough of me, lets talk about you and yours.

And to the point.

America, I know you are divided.  I know you disagree.  I know you have differing experiences and views of the conditions we live in, but!  Crime is going crazy, and if it has not yet reached your doorstep, your family, your standard of living, your comfort zone…look over your shoulder.  The threat is there, you are in line.  The line is the odds.  The odds are, it is going to get to you.  It’s simple math.,increases%20have%20continued%20into%202022

The answer to the broader question of “Why” …why these things are happening, is because it can!

Yes, there are plenty of laws.  Yes, there are a few law enforcement officers out there.  Yes, there are prisons and jails.  Yes, there are clear rules and standards to know right and wrong.  Yes, there are houses of faith and religion that, presumably, preach truth, honesty, and how we should conduct ourselves and treat others.  But the message is falling on def ears and closed minds…or we are existing in a state of delusion.

Our laws are seemingly not being forced.  We don’t have enough law enforcement on the job to assign your own protector, your properties protector, your child’s school protector, your shopping center and mall protector.  Our police seem to not be tasked to aggressively respond and act on crimes or worse yet, they see that our legal system doesn’t follow through with prosecuting the crimes alleged.  They seem to not be there for you, and virtually always way, way too late to arrive.  Police leadership has been told to what…take it easy, turn the other cheek, look the other way, just write a report…or is it to just take a step back.  And why would that be?  Because our politicians and leaders of our courts seem to have chosen to not follow through with the efforts of the police that do manage to the perpetrators.  And many, most, officers face the risk of responding to domestic violence events, meaning, you couldn’t keep peace in your own home, so you or your neighbor called the police.  And these domestic violence calls are among the most dangerous for officers.

And then there is the big monster under the bed.  De-Fund the Police. Many will want to suggest that this toxic theme that erupted into the mainstream across the country a few years back.  It became a big outcry that seemed to support raging crime along with the impression that police were killing certain people in disproportionately large numbers, enforcing laws against a select population and generally being abusive to those same group(s).  The solutions offered by special interest groups and championed by many politicians was the defund idea.  Today there is at least one politician that still talks about disbanding police in favor of…frankly I don’t know what would logically and intelligently replace police beyond a civil, ethical, honest, law-abiding society.

Frankly, I don’t know where that society is.  I have had the opportunity to have traveled around much of this world.  I have visited many great and some not so great places.  I have not found that society or place where a strong and effective police force was not needed.  But again, that is just me and my bias.

CA Among Most Dangerous States in America: Report 

California is one of the five most dangerous states in the country, according to a new Forbes Advisor ranking.

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Posted Wed, Mar 20, 2024 at 12:56 pm PT

California is among the most dangerous states in the country, according to a new Forbes Advisor ranking.

We need a police state!  We need a great dictator!  NO, NO, NO…we don’t need a police state or a dictator to right this problem we seem to be facing.  But we certainly need police, and we need an adequate number of those officers to be able to be at least available to respond to threats and crimes.  There will never be enough to plug all the holes, but a greater presence is better that no presence at all.  We need law makers that will share the benefit that citizens don’t have.  What benefit do I speak of?  Well, many of your local politicians have immediate access to police protection, if they don’t actually have direct ongoing protection at home and work.  Do you?  I thought not!  Many of you look at the crime problem as being a gun problem, while ignoring the fact that there might be a human element to the crime problem.  I would add that most of those flash mod crimes don’t involve guns, and yet they still happen and the perpetrators sill get away with the crimes in most of many of the cases. 

I’m not here to argue the gun issue.  I will leave that you you all.  Happily, as a retired officer I have the privilege of being able to immediately protect myself and my family.  Is that absolute certainty of our safety?  Hell no, but I am way ahead of the curve, I assure you.  When the gun issue comes up in conversations you ultimately will get to the “what if” point.  I have found it interesting when that point comes, the responses slow down to a long and thoughtful whisper.  Most feel comfortable that the worse things will not happen to them, and they won’t face the either-or point. 

I recall giving one of my Situational Awareness seminars before a citizen group and talking about these issues.  The group was aware enough to want the seminar, but unaware to the point that they dearly needed it.  Unknown to me at the time, there was a woman in the audience who had been a victim.  Not just an everyday victim, she had been shot.  She was shot while sitting in her car in traffic.  This was not a “road rage” incident or something involving her.  She had not been involved in any form of dispute going on.  She was the ultimate innocent victim.  She was blessed with living and recovering from the life-threatening experience of being shot.  But she was able to share a real-world personal experience to the audience that was met with open mouth silence.  The truth of this life we live, in these countries, states, cities we live in, $hit happens.  The worse being intentional and life threatening.

Im going to leave the gun issue there for you to ponder, or not, its up to you.  I do not profess or recommend on this subject.  We all have rights, right!?

But, if we do not address the crime issue, the crime problem will come and find you.  Maybe you will be fortunate, they will take what they want, smile and leave you alone as they leave you.  Maybe your child will be fine, as a potential victim, or for that matter, as perpetrator!  Maybe you will be able to keep and enjoy your earned possessions without a challenge.  Maybe you will be blessed with a life of peace.  I believe we should all have that!

Let’s stop our political leaders from redefining crimes to protect their image and fiefdoms, and our special interest groups and enemies from leaving the windows open, the doors unlocked, and our private spaces invaded by those that don’t have our best interest at heart.  Your view of it, not theirs!

Alright already, I’m done!  Be blessed, be well!