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Safety and Awareness Training From Law Enforcement, Military Special Operations and Covert Operation Experts

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Your Situational Awareness 101

Personal and Family safety does not begin with our first responders like police, etc.  It begins with you.  You are your first and second line of defense.  Becoming smarter about how you are in the world leads to better security.  Danger and threats find you when you are not Aware.  Avoiding and preventing them is the best form of security.  We at Your Situational Awareness 101, are your source for learning how to do that.  Our holistic approach to living in a dangerous world is your key to safety and security.  We enhance your awareness; thus, you and your family are safer.

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About Us

This site was created to provide you with a learning point on a subject that you will not get at school, at home or on the streets.

These are lessons learned by people who chose to put their lives on the line in defense of our society and way of life. These are people like Law Enforcement Officers, Military Special Operations Personnel and Spies.

The lessons learned were the things that allowed these people to operate in dangerous environments, around and against dangerous people, in difficult circumstances and complete critical missions and return home safe when the mission was done.

What you will learn are awareness skills that will enable you to go about your life with a level of confidence, knowing that you have prepared your mind and body for this sometimes dangerous world we live in.

You will develop the ability to use the God given skills and abilities, enhanced with practice and training to move in the world, knowing more than the potential adversaries that you might otherwise encounter.

The goal is to make you smarter, able to anticipate and avoid dangerous or threatening environments and most importantly be able to go and do what you choose without encountering the unexpected. And when you do encounter something you will have options and tools to work with to get you through the unknowns.

Recent data has illustrated that most people do not currently feel safe, even in the best environments like we have in America. What is more, most people are fearful of travel, both domestically and internationally.

That fear can be replaced with awareness skills that mitigate and eliminate most if not all of the uncertainties.

About Our Founder

Henderson Cooper

Retired LAPD Detective Supervisor with over 20 years’ law enforcement experience. Specialized in Tactical Operations, Intelligence and Training. LE experience covered Supervisory and also the wide range of investigative assignments including Robbery, Homicide, Rape and Sexual Assault, Burglary and Narcotics.

Military Special Operations experience working with and training members of the U.S. Military Special Operations community. Emphasis on special mission skills and covert operations.

Former United States Government covert operations, working for the Central Intelligence Agency both domestically and overseas. Work roles included training of U.S. and friendly foreign intelligence services. Primary work assignments were in covert operations in war zones, denied areas and as needed, other locations worldwide.

Consultant to Fortune Top companies and Executives. Provided training and support services to many of the most widely known Fortune 50 executives of the best national and international companies and executives.

Media Expert working with TVGuestpert as an advisor and consultant to TV and Print media on crime and intelligence affairs.

UCLA Graduate in Political Science, past student athlete on National Championship teams, coach on Track and Field and Advisor to Basketball Team

Clients Testimonials

“Training with Coop really helped me to notice and observe people and things I might otherwise have overlooked. We covered safety procedures while driving and walking in public places, as well as self-defense moves. I highly recommend this program, and as a woman, I found it very empowering to learn how to protect myself from unsafe situations.” Sarah b

“I gained a lot of awareness from taking Coop’s training. I pay attention to my environment and take action to make sure that I am safe both at home and while traveling. It is amazing to learn that a few simple tricks can significantly impact my personal safety. I hope many more women and girls will learn to take their safety seriously. Thanks Coop!” Jordan Marinov

Co-Founder, Hidden Tears Project

When you are in the public eye, you can never be too safe, that is why is important to have the extra knowledge and training that only a true professional can provide, for our Chamber, our business and personal safety there is only one man I trust to provide us with the proper training and set of skills that can make the difference between life and death, Mr. Cooper, if your safety and the safety of your business matters, you cannot afford not to have training from your situation awareness 101, is an investment that certainly should be part of your budget. Thank you Coop for making people, business, and this world a safer place. Saul Mejia

President, Panorama City Chamber of Commerce

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