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Covid-19 has presented a potential new opportunity for terrorist in this new environment of isolation. Typically we think that terrorist will target likely gathering places for their attacks, though there are also other criteria they might use. Those gathering places are complimented by being high profile locations. Such locations would include government facilities, financial institutions companies and institutions. Also, places like theaters, restaurants, malls, and schools. I guess the best way to sum it up is to say, wherever “you” tend to be for entertainment, business, socializing and just hanging out.

So, what has changed. Nothing really, but it can be said, and it is suggested in the linked ABC News story, there could be new targeting opportunities for terrorist. The hard targets, like government buildings and facilities, sports sites and entertainment locations might be considered “Hard Targets.”

A Hard Target could best be described as someplace, known to be a potential threat, that receives added or enhanced security protection. That protection might come in the form of human security presence, electronic sound and video monitoring, and increased mobil patrol. Those locations also often benefit from increased intelligence support by officials and government entities.

And then there is you. What do you get? Well, as a personal plug, you get me…all two of you! I do these periodic blog posts, periodic Twitter and Facebook posts, and my specialized seminars. But beyond me, you have our media, presuming you trust and utilize our media for your information, and you have the official government information streams. Again, that is if you, in fact, follow them. I do, but then, I suppose I am different in some ways.

But the focus in this post is on the issue or concept of Soft Targets.

An easy way of identifying a Soft Target is to consider your neighborhood supermarket. What goes on in your neighborhood market? People, unguarded, distracted and unprepared people moving in and out without regard for threats.

What else? Food and living essentials. Things that impact our daily life, necessities and key parts of our economy. Further, people spending money, commerce. This last part impacts personal life, your life, the location where you shop, that locations vendors, taxes and our national economy.

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Forgive me if I did not include your specific neighborhood market and those millions of smaller mom & pop corner markets.

What else, where else? Well, your neighborhood parks. Now it is true that most government or official parks have been closed. But many are not. And even those that are officially closed often see more people in proximity to each other, even that 7 foot thing, than your local streets. Some public transit points may still see small gatherings or at least frequent movement of people transiting through.

And again, what else? Those closed business locations. The buildings and the symbol of our country and our business interests, still present a physical structure target for those with evil intent.

It is true to say that there simply is no perfect and comprehensive means of securing every location, every target, every person and the entirety of this big beautiful country. We have parks, dams, canyons, statues, signs, etc, that might all be a potential subject of attack.

Your mission, should you accept survival and thriving…become and be aware.

Be Situationally Aware!

That means a complete set of living standards.

See yourself without Situational Awareness as the Sheep. Picture the flock grazing without interest or concern for the dangers lurking in the shadows. That is everyone in our society today, especially people with their head plastered to the screens of their cell phones, moving about in society without attention to their surroundings and those other persons out there near them, seen and unseen.

With Situational Awareness see yourself as the Sheepdog!

Who are the Sheepdogs? I’m glad you asked…what a great question!

They are your Police and Sheriff personnel, your Fire, your Doctors and, your emergency services people. And in this current day, we now realize that given the situation we can include our postal workers, our delivery service people, store owners, and workers and those “essential services” that are still in operation providing what we need to survive.

So what is the message here? The message is two fold. First, say thanks to those First Responders and Responding Service people, whenever and wherever you encounter them! Remember the message I always put out, the blog you skimmed over before…

You Are Your Own First Responder!

Especially now that things have gotten quieter, less “trafficy” (yes, I made up that word), more open and accessible, be aware and prepared. Street crime still goes on. The bad guys are still out there. Crime trends in most big cities show this to be true. Nighttime is still dark, still dangerous in many areas, still a challenge to your senses. So, up your sensory awareness and vigilance.

When you go to the few places that are available to go to, remember that those places are the few choices that Terrorists or bad guys (synonymous) know to find you. Watch out for them!

What do you watch for…

…yeah, but that should be more than obvious!

Hanging in the Shadows

Certainly, but not necessarily!

Actually, this is more on point. Look at, and for, everything. Focus on what is unusual, what stands out as out of place…what does not fit. Fuzzy, hard, but with practice, with attention it clears up. You see what you need to see, you identify what should be.

With awareness it becomes clearer!

Then apply your keys…those keys that I most often quote from the OODA Loop, the creation of John Boyd, former U.S. Korean War fighter pilot.

It begins at the top with Observing…moving to the analysis…Orient…moving forward to action…Decide…and without delay…Act!

There is more, but it takes a commitment to learn for your survival and to thrive! So, contact me!

Friendly comments welcome…and yes, there are other opinions and philosophies to consider. But don’t just sit there, do something! For yourself, for your family, for your co-workers, for the human race, for our collective survival!