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With the recent death of ISIS, Baghdadi, at the initiation of U.S. Special Operations and associated forces, the question for many is “what will this mean” besides the obvious?


Well, one has to wonder…

  • what if Hitler had been taken out early in the war…or before the first eventual Holocaust victims had been taken…
  • what if we had taken out BinLaden before, or soon after the start of September 11
  • what if…?

Any thoughts?

Certainly, there are logistical questions and legal issues to be considered. How would such acts have been reasoned and subsequently carried out? What about the risks involved, as in, collateral damage risks?

Would it have been of value or benefit to you, had any or all of these things taken place?

Think about it…6 million Jews killed by the German military under the direction of Hitler.

Thousands of civilians and military killed during the years of war during the course of WWII.

Thousands of civilians and military killed during the time from September 11 and since then. And the various actions that were taken in support, or justified by the September 11 attack while continuing the battle against terrorism globally.

What about the states of War and violence we have experienced since September 11, the “Global War on Terrorism”…could there be a correlation with the seeming rise of Active Shooters in cities around America, of for the matter around the world with acts of terrorism?

What was the impact on Domestic and International Immigration and the Refugee problems?

Yeah, you noticed that I am not offering my answer at this point. I want to hear from you. What are your thoughts?

Serious, polite and respectable responses requested. Thanks!