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* Reenactment of an actual attack on one of my clients, in her home.

I don’t need to tell you, read the news, watch the news, talk to your friends and neighbors. It is likely that it has happened in your community, your neighborhood. In my own, there is a report out this morning, Monday 5 December 2022. There was an assault on the street, this morning at about 0900. Two women assaulted by a man while walking. Details are not yet available and the description was not available as I write this. The daily news is talking about a small girl that was abducted a short while ago from near her home by a delivery driver. Everyone is using delivery service these days, just as everyone is using driver services as well. This presents strangers into our live in which trust becomes a personal issue at risk. Well sadly her dead body was found. Fortunately her killer was identified. But this should never have happened in the first place.

I have over the years posted short blogs with reminders and points on Situational Awareness, free and available to all. But have you read them? Have you implemented S.A. concepts into your daily routine and way of life…rhetorical question…you have probably not.

But don’t worry, you are probably fine…until you are not! Home invasion, workplace violence, street assaults, abductions leading to rape and murder, mob attacks, robbery and theft in your home, work or neighborhood stores and hangouts. They will happen. It is unfortunately inevitable in this high tension, high threat, decisive and accusatory social time we live in.

I will soon post another few points for you. But better still, reach out, ask for more and it can be made available to you. Wait if you dare. Get help, from me or someone you feel has what you need.

Situational Awareness…You Are Your Own First Responder!