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Photo: Times of Israel

So terrorists have infiltrated Israel to commit attacks. What are the chances that terrorists have been and currently are entering the U.S. via our open borders? Rhetorical question. They certainly can be and likely have already. How do I know? Well, no one knows that I am aware of knows factually. But we do know that some have been identified, and many…many, are likely to be among the (insert your number)…that are seen as “got-always.”

These are key days and times in World affairs and American affairs in which we need to wake the hell up. See the reality of what is happening and what is possible and act. If we wait, we will potentially be cleaning and clearing bodies of American men, women and children. We will be plugging damages and destroyed American homes, businesses and cities, and we will be, after the fact, trying to support our friends around the world.

When you see a leak in the dam, you act! You should have, before there was a leak.

For you and me, here and now, check your awareness. Be alert and use intelligent caution. We see rampant crime happening in our cities on a daily basis. And we have not demonstrated the ability to contain and present it. Those terrorist see this as well.

Don’t be a victim.

America, don’t sleep through the events happen inside and outside our borders.