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Do you see the threat there…It’s right in front of you!!

I don’t want to make light of this…this IS serious!  I know that virtually everyone is talking about it.  And with good reason.  People are sick, people have died and likely, people will die.  This is a reality that shouldn’t be, but is, and needs to be fixed.

I normally would not insert myself in this type of subject.  My focus has generally been on my core concern, Situational Awareness, which most see as violent threats and dangers.  And that is correct.  However, there certainly is a connection between this problem of a life-threatening virus and Situational Awareness.

The core, using that linkage again, the core issue with prevention of becoming sick is similar to the prevention of becoming a violence and danger.  Your Awareness is key in both.

In my normal Situational Awareness training themes, I would speak about taking preparations that would arm and inform a person before entering a threatening environment.  Further, I would give guidelines that people should follow that would give them analytical points for how they view the environment they would be in, are in, or anticipate being in (lots of “in’s” there!).  The “OODA Loop” being the essential method of viewing the environment.

Wikipedia: The OODA loop is the cycle observe–orient–decide–act, developed by military strategist and the United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd.

Well, I would say that in facing this current worldwide threat of a virus, one would use the same state of mind.  So, Situational Awareness also works in the prevention of becoming sick.  Obviously modified to include how one is physically in the world.  By that I mean, what you touch with unprotected hands, the distance you maintain from other people, friends and strangers, and how you respond to what you hear, see and feel in the environment.

The term “Stranger-Danger” comes to mind.  You do not know the story of people you come across from day-to-day.  Neither are you in control of all the environments you enter.  The doorknobs, handrails, buttons you push, etc.  We live in a handshaking and hugging world…even given the current state of animosity and divide in this country.  Well, there is a risk involved in not being conscientious about things around us, otherwise innocent things are a real threat in these times.

So, I won’t belabor these points.  People, be careful out there.  If I don’t immediately reach out to shake your hand, don’t be offended.  If I normally hug you, presuming that was ok in the first place, and now I do not, don’t check yourself for body odor or think me rude!  If you see me using the back of my hand to touch things…and then wiping them off on anything I can find to separate that touch from my skin, I am not intending to be weird, just careful.

Yes, we will survive this thing! It is not a world ender.  It is nothing to be panicked over.  But reasonable and prudent precautions are warranted!

Be healthy and happy!