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We are currently in week…IDK, one thousand…it doesn’t matter! It has been a while. Weeks and months. We have survived, mostly! There have been some deaths, too many deaths. One is too many, the actual number is tragic, and given the realities there will be more.

But let us take a breath. A pause. If you take a breath you might notice something. The air! The air is pretty clear. I am looking out of my office window at a crystal clear blue sky. It is a day after rain, which admittedly usually precedes clear skies. But there have been many clear blue sky days. The forced social distancing and closed “non” essential business has produced clear roads and highways. No vehicle traffic, no airline traffic, no truck traffic (except for those very essential and much appreciated national and local trucks delivering supplies)! No smog. Or at least so little that the sky looks blue. A beautiful blue!

During this closure time it takes only minutes to get to locations that may be a short distance away. Before this virus situation traffic was so bad that you simply didn’t want to drive to locations near or far.

Quiet…did you notice it? It is quiet. You hear the birds. You hear the sound of the earth, the wind, the leaves in the trees, the squirrels running after one another. You can have a conversation…from a safe distance, with another person, without shouting! It is wonderful.

Now of course there are some “not so good” things about this time. Your normal gathering places, your normal entertainment locations, your favorite hangouts…are all closed. You don’t want to walk up to the person nearing you and reach out and shake their hand, or in appropriate cases, give them a hug or kiss. Not safe.

But, it must be recognized, things are getting better. Less people are getting sick. There is a albeit slow, but a gradual headway being seen in finding a test, a treatment and a cure for this desease.

You will end this panic time with an embarrassing amount of excess toilet paper. You can to climb out of your bomb shelter and see the light of day.

So we should keep up this new normal, Social Distancing. We should keep using or having close at hand, those masks and gloves. We should keep aware of what we are about to touch, as-in, hand rails, door knobs, buttons, counters, keyboards, and other public spaces. Don’t touch unprotected! It is just smart!

Summing it all up, NOW, everything is fine. We are smart enough to know how to and accomplish doing the right thing.

And remember, Social Distancing is synonymous with “Situational Awareness!”

Be smart, be alert, do not allow yourself to become distracted or complacent about your safety, and that of your family…and others that might suffer from your mistakes.

I am well, I am praying that you are well to. Live in the Now!