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Today, Saturday morning we learn that yet another death has fallen upon America’s law enforcement community. This time it hits close to home, my home. The Los Angeles Police Department reported that an officer, while off duty, was killed.

This death is currently being reported to be at the hands of a local gang member, yet to be confirmed and identified. In Washington political circles and in the media this will be a passing event. Perhaps a word by one or two politicians as a way of showing they “care.” And then they will get back to ignoring the root problems of crime, gang crime and communities going away from civility.

There is one less Sheepdog to run into danger, for you. One less First Responder to respond to your call. One less person saying “send me!” The other Sheepdogs know there is one less brother/sister coming to stand at their side in the face of the Wolves.

My prayers go to the officer’s family. Though not enough, it is important to not let these things go unnoticed and honored. There’s a mother, a father, perhaps children…there is family.

When the need arises, “who ya gonna call?”

No, Really…who are you going to call?

God Bless…