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Yes, on 21 January of the new year, that being 2018, I will be giving a seminar to a private group of soon to be Aware ladies.


I look forward to learning from them and providing some of my experience and ideas.  This is a great way to start their new year, becoming a better and more prepared person in this sometimes-dangerous world.

Among the many subjects that will be covered are:

  • Crime and Terrorism,
  • Violence,
  • Rape and Assaults,
  • Awareness and Preparedness.


We will also look at response options available to you before you take that leap into a Martial Arts class or go even more daring and purchase a weapon of some type.  The idea is that preparedness, and planning serves you best at avoiding the dangerous and threatening situations before they occur.

My thanks to Alexia H, for her interest in having this event and setting it up.