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The “they” I refer to being the “experts,” the health professionals who say that the masks work. Now, in response to – I don’t really know what in terms of justifications. Now, Governor’s in several states have already done early release of convicted criminals, saying it is because of COVID. These governors are sending these criminals back onto the very streets they preyed upon committing crimes and injuring people, which sent them to prisons in the first place.

And yet, for you and me, at the same time, the “experts” keep saying, and these governors keep saying, wear a mask, they work!

Well, if they “in fact” work…Why not just give masks to all those incarcerated prisoners, and keep them, safely for them and us, where they are. Keep them where they will not repeat their harming habits against the public! (edit)

And need I say anything about the fact that many silly people are yelling things like “defund the police” while letting criminals out of prisons.

Keep them in the prisons!

Not intending to be uncaring or insensitive, just pointing out the obvious contradiction in this situation. These decisions and statements are a contradiction and seem illogical, at least in my bloodshot eyes.

What exactly am I missing here?

In prison they can be isolated…protecting others there, and us out here. In those prisons, they can be cared for. In prison, the chances of exposing others is limited to those that have access to the prison. Which I would think would be a select few people. Workers at the facility could be protected, tested, and monitored against their infection risks, much like hospital workers are out here in the free world. Persons choosing to visit someone in the facility could, and should be checked, vetted, and searched before entering, and only with a “hold harmless” consent form signature.

Just a point of reference and added note…when cruise ships come down with cases of infection, they don’t let the people off the boats…when a group in an airline is infected they don’t let them or those not infected out. They are sent into quarantine along with those that may have been exposed.

Cruise Ship and CDC

So tell me…and speak or write slowly, I may not be that smart…why are we (they) letting prisoners out of prisons? I gotta ask!!!