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With the China Balloon slowly traversing the U.S., collecting and transmitting intelligence, the recent revelations that we have suffered another breach of our intelligence is more than revealing about “us!” The State of Things in the U.S…and of us!

The suggestion is that we are asleep at the wheel.

Our adversaries are frothing at the cheeks leveraging every opportunity that may exist to collect more. We civilians are at risk on social networks, social media, using electronic resources and the looming introduction of A.I. in virtually all areas of life.

So, our government is leaking and failing at protecting us (and by virtue of our leadership position) our global partners…we civilians are being failed and failing ourselves at protections.

So, that is the issue. What is the solution?

I’ll wait!

Our answers and responses will speak volumes about our Awareness and desire to live a quality life today and the future of this country moving forward. #leadership #future #socialmedia #intelligence