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Police Tactical Team in Aurora Illinois

Yes, yet another senseless Active Shooter incident, this time in Aurora, Illinois. Yet another series of senseless deaths, this time multiple law enforcement officers and multiple civilians. The suspect, a laid off worker of the crime site, a manufacturing company, responding to being let go by returning to the site with a gun and killing people before he was killed by officers.

And yet again, we are left with asking ourselves “why, when, how and when will it stop?” And we are left without answers. The investigation will look for motive. Can there really be a suitable motive? I think not! Is this how things are supposed to happen in life, again, I think not! It is unfortunate that this suspect, and I will not give him the satisfaction of naming him (it is out there in the general media), it is unfortunate that he lost his job. But is violence the way to respond to life challenges? Again, I think not!

Is is guns? Well, yes, he did use a gun! But is the problem simply the presence of guns in our society?

The fact of the matter is that we have had guns in America since the beginnings of this country. We have managed throughout most of our history of not having a lawless and deadly living environment even in those beginning years if you don’t count the revolution and the civil wars. But today, we have definitely had too many incidents of gun violence and too many deaths from guns.

What might be a contributing factor? And to qualify, it must be a significant contributing factor to matter. Well, an associate of mine rhetorically asked the question “is it madness.?” My response to him was yes, precisely that, madness.

This country has gone bat s***t crazy with hate and violence. Everyone is accusing everyone else of some type of offense, suing everyone, calling out everyone, and generally pissed about something caused by someone else. This post, if read by anyone, will likely piss someone off! But the hate is real. Democrats hate Republicans, Republicans hate Democrats. The Left hates the Right and the Right hates back. Blacks, Whites, Browns, persons of other racial or color identities hate the others. Religions are not exempt from this either. Religious persecution, hatred, conflict, and violence sends people fleeing their homes, their home countries, and hiding from those hating others. We have to be very careful what we say to others, lest we address them incorrectly, say something in the wrong way, use a term that is newly, or historically been considered offensive or misidentify them.

Should we be careful? Yes, but more correctly, we should be respectful.  Mindful might be another way of addressing it. But if we make a mistake should it be a killing offense? Again, I think not!

It is time to take a step back America. Time to take the chip off each of our shoulders. Time to clear out the ears that hear negative and offensive. Remove the mindset that presumes the worse. Check out tongues at the door to our respective bathrooms and be mindful of the feelings and sensibilities of others. And put the gun away, for goodness sake.

Mental illness. Is that it. Are we all somewhat or to a large part mental? You have got to wonder.

In the studio preparing for a new segment taping on the shooting.

America, please wake up. Please take a pill. Please stop with the violence. Please stop killing. Please stop accusing. Please stop being offended.

If someone needs help, offer it. If someone is acting irrational or suspiciously say something, to someone. No more surprises, no more senseless deaths, please.