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So, no Schit, there I was,!


I was seated at the window of my favorite coffee shop when this car drives up!

  No driver!  I mean it, there was no one seated in the driver’s seat!

 Suddenly, a figure raises up from the back seat holding a gun.

  He shoots at me!

When I realized what was happening, I quickly ducked down.

The bullets missed me.  But they killed the window glass, and the wall behind me was riddled with bullets, well placed in a tight quarter dollar size pattern.

When the car drove away I sat up to survey my circumstances.

I was in shock, but also glad to be alive.


Later, when the police arrived they asked me a thousand questions.  So, I explained it all.

When they ask that I describe the shooter…that is when it got weird!

I thought about it.

I relived the moment in my head. 

What I saw, was me!

The driver looked exactly like me…it was me!

I was seeing myself, shooting at myself!”


Not really, but…


We have all seen the Arnold Schwartzenager “Terminator” movies in which rogue robots, have taken “self-control” and moved to dominate and remove the humans who first made them.

A portrait of a humanoid robot

By Self-Control, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence.   We are talking about devices, perhaps initially human-made, that become self-aware as a result of an intellectual ability that goes beyond what was programmed into them.  Is this a wild stretch of the imagination?  Is it Italian Western crazy thinking?   I don’t know, but let’s consult with the current experts.



Elon Musk’s Warnings


Others debate and disagree with Musk, but they have to give detailed opinions that, like Musk’s warnings, are based on theory, not fact.


Experts Predict When Artificial Intelligence Will Exceed Human Intelligence

MIT Technology Review


We have all seen the newly underdevelopment self-driving, autonomous cars being promoted by Uber, Tesla, Honda and virtually all the established auto industry and many private interests.   We should be clear about this, Artificial Intelligence is real, and it, whatever it means, will happen!  There will be self-driving cars, heck, there are self-driving cars.  They just have not been blessed and authorized for use.  We have self-operated drones that, though initiated by humans, they carry out their mission in an automated fashion.  We have the Rumba to vacuum sweep our floors at home.  We have Alexa and Google Home and we have Siri on IOS devices.  Each carries some automated functions, each listens to their environment and are prepared to respond to input with theirs, albeit, currently programmed response.  But they are not far from making learned decisions of their choice, rather than what an operator in the moment directs them to do.


Should you worry?  I don’t know.  You are aware that Google earth has mapped the world, every street, alley, home, business, road, urban and rural area.  They know where you live from your various Social Media connections and links, memberships in governmental services, like your Driver’s License, and every account and service you have signed up for or purchased.  “They” whoever they are, know it all, everything!  Can they find you?  Yes, despite what you hear and see in the media where officials have difficulty finding people without specific information.  The fact is, they get that information eventually, and they find you.


Now, what about that robot looking like me?  Is that possible?  Oh, you betcha it is possible!  How about an image in the media looking like me, is that possible?  Yeah!  Can your image, from any of the many forms of media available in this modern world, can you image be taken, manipulated and used without your knowledge or cooperation.


Anyone see the most recent Star Wars movie, “Star Wars” The Last Jedi?”


You took notice of one particular star in the movie…Carrie Fisher.



The Carrie Fisher that died before the movie was made, by a considerable amount of time.  Yes, she acted, spoke, walked, and interacted with other still living people in this movie.  How’d they do that?  Yes, movie magic, but it is magic available to children with a little techie skill and some good (read – expensive) equipment.


Resistance is futile people.  We are at or nearing the point where we are less and less in mastery and control of our reality.  Things may not be as they appear in the mirror!


So what other areas could this impact us?  Think crime.  Could our image be placed at the scene of a crime that we were never at?  Yes, it could be!  Could words be made to come out of our mouths that the real you did not speak?  Yes, it could!


Here is an evil thought.  Thinking of the current situation in Hollywood with the Harvey Weinstein situation and the sexual assault accusations.



Mr. Weinstein is from the same movie industry that produces special effect masterpieces like Star Wars.  What if he could produce supposed real videos of himself and one or more of his assault accusers?  With those accusers appearing to be consenting participants in activities depicted on the video.  Wouldn’t that be interesting…scary!


So, how about those autonomous cars.  Think they are a good idea?


Side View Of A Young Man Sitting Inside Autonomous Car