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You will recall I posted about the Camp of the Masters, in which I would be giving a Terrorism Seminar.



Well that seminar just concluded today, Sunday 29 October 2017.  It was an excellent event.  My section was the opening on Friday, the 27th.  I was all set to begin giving my two cents on the subject of domestic and international terrorism when….


My friend Cliff Stewart, along with Jerry Smith and Kraiguar Smith, presented me with a surprise.


The actual text is going to be unreadable, so I will add that text here:



Kraiguar Smith

Immortal Warriors Maha Guru Clifford Stewart and Henderson Cooper, at Camp of the Masters.  Two Kings, who are truly great men who have influenced and motivated great men and women.  As Founder/Creative Director of the Original Warrior Association, on behalf of the City of Los Angeles and the State of California, we recognize Henderson Cooper.  Student of Jerry Smith and Guru Cliff, former Bodyguard for Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, Member of the BKF, LAPD, CIA Operative, Expert in Security Tactics, Legend, Pioneer, Hero of the Community.


Namaste – with Cliff Stewart.






I cannot tell you how surprised, honored and humbled I was by the certificates and sentiment.  Thank You!


What does this mean…“the beat goes on!”  There is still much to be shared and taught.  There remains women, children, people, societies, nations and a way of life at risk.  I do my small part, along with the many Sheep Dogs out there.


Thank you Kraiguar, Jerry and Cliff!