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Portrait of frustrated girl victim of human trafficking, sitting alone with a paper


Perhaps you have come across this story in the news.  I did today, Monday, 9 January 2018.  It is about a 16-year-old girl that was sentenced to life in prison for killing an adult man.  But not just any man.  The man that bought, as in paid money, for her, for sex.  She was purchased through a “pimp” who had possession and control of her.


How did this pimp have possession and control of her?  People, it doesn’t matter!  She is a 16-year-old child!  This situation should not exist!  She was sexually and physically abused by the pimp and other adult men…again…at 16 years of age!   He held her against her will and threatened to kill her.  At the young age of 16, she is not, generally speaking,  be expected to handle such a difficult and dangerous situation.


This is not something occurring in some forsaken land far, far, away.  We are talking about here in the United States.  We are talking about an American girl.  We are talking about something like this happening in our times.


This girl is a juvenile.  She is under the age for making a consenting decision on something as important as her daily welfare, life and death, and anything related to sex.  She is under the age that would allow an adult person to demand, accept or otherwise engage in a sexual relationship.




To be further clear, I repeat, she was bought, purchase, acquired, like a piece of fruit or a domestic animal, through a financial transaction, by a person who was also not her parent.


How is this possible in the current modern day and age?  Well, news flash people.  This is not unusual.  This is just one of the many elements of Child Sex Abuse, Human Trafficking and Criminal enterprise in America today.


This is one of the several things that programs like the Hidden Tears Project are all about.  Are you listening?


Therefore, I teach, lecture and give seminars, particularly to women and families, about the subjects of Awareness, Safety, and Security in the dangerous world we live in.  Could she learn to be smarter and more aware before being taken into the grasp of evil persons like her pimp?  Yes, she can.  Can we, as a society, become more aware of the things going on around us in this world, like girls being seduced into what end up being a human trafficking kidnapping?  Yes, we can!


Get involved.