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People always say things like “things like this don’t happen here, or I can’t believe he/she (almost always it’s ‘he’) did something like this…”)!  And then we all say that they never noticed the signs.  The signs of depression, mental illness, disassociation, isolation,  But the fact is the signs are almost always visible.  The problem is, no one is looking, no one is listening and no one responds with care or concern.

We as a society need to wake up.  The root elements that make these tragic crimes happen must be recognized and responded to BEFORE it all goes wrong.  Controversial, yes!  But necessary, absolutely!

Guns should not be in the hands of sick people.  Bomb making materials and instruction should not be available except under the most stringent regulation.  The system need to do its job, the people need to use that system.

Lastly, and most importantly, you…and I mean you, must wake up to the ways in which you make yourself vulnerable to situations of risk happening around you.

YOU are your own first defense.  YOU are the first responder.  YOU living with awareness and observation are what make you safe today.  All the demands you make upon politicians and law enforcement are not immediate solutions, they take time to enact and are never going to be comprehensive enough.  You, will never have to wait for You, to solve your problems and concerns!

Sorry if these points offend, truth can be painful.

What are your thoughts.