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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Image of the Zach Ertz Superbowl Touchdown Catch…or was it?

Seems like a good place to start, right?  Zach Ertz made a great catch in the 4 February 2018 Super Bowl…what was it, Super Bowl 98, 99, 100?  No,  OK, I’m not sure what number it was.  The announcers called it a “non-catch.”  However, the officials reviewed it and decided it was a good catch and a touchdown.  The officials determined that Ertz was a runner at the point when he dove into the end zone.  Thus he could lose temporary control of the ball, because it had already been caught, and he acrossed the end zone line with the ball in control.  Ok, I think I agree.  But that may be the last agreement we will find moving on to the other topics in this titled post.


Washington Examiner photo of a memo discussing the FBI/Trump investigation


Next issue, can we please get the officials to review this play?!


So, the Republican’s declassified and issued this memo to the general public.  This memo discusses findings concerning a FISA court warrant.

The subject, I think we all know…or we think we know.  This is an ongoing debate about an investigation by the FBI, into the activities of an American person, alleged to be related to the Donald Trump campaign, before his election to President.  And, whether that America person was possibly acting as an agent for a foreign government.


Heavy use of legal-Eze intended, in an effort to tiptoe through the battlefield!

J. Edgar Hoover, former long-running Director of the FBI

You may or may not have noticed that America has been lit up by a political, social and media kerfuffle since the election of President Trump, since the loss of Hilary Clinton in that election, since the discovery of signs of water on Mars and since the debate about Gluten free products when Gluten became a topic.  It seems there is nothing upon which we can agree to in this country today.  It seems that we hate, or love, in equal parts, everything.  It seems that some people are intelligent, and all the others are stupid…if you follow the voices of the debate.


Who do we trust?  Who can we trust?  It is as if one of us, maybe half of all of us, got caught cheating in bed on the other half of us!


Wouldn’t it be fun to be across the pond, sitting at some cafe’ and reading about all this stuff going on in America?  Or better yet, a Carribean beach, with a big umbrella, a colorful drink in hand, and a bunch of people off in the distance almost wearing skimpy beach clothing!


Wait, if you thought that I had an answer to this particular subject of the kerfuffle you are very very wrong!  I don’t!  I wasn’t there.  I don’t know the guy.  I haven’t seen the facts…I am not actually certain there are any facts.  How about you?  Were you there, have you seen it all (the facts, not the story), or know it all?  Right!…moving on…

Man and woman and a hand on the shoulder


This is not a joke subject, nor is it a cartoon issue.  I am a parent and husband.  I have a daughter who works in the entertainment industry.  My wife works in a law firm in the huge corporate world.  I am a former cop and have investigated sexual assaults and rapes over the course of my law enforcement career.  I have seen boys, women, and children forced into, or somehow coerced into, the prostitution trade.  I have seen how it destroys those directly involved, and those indirectly involved.  We now are learning, if we didn’ already know or suspect it, that disputed or inappropriate conduct has been going on, out in the open, in the corporate world, the entertainment world…well actually, everywhere!  That is I should point out, here in America.  We don’t seem to hear much about it elsewhere in the world at large.


What do you think of this?  Have you or someone you know been a victim.  Among my service associations and contributions to this problem area today is my involvement in the Hidden Tears Project.



Hidden Tears is a media company that partners with non-profits across the country to raise consciousness through media on gender inequality, sexual abuse, and human trafficking, all of which are intrinsically connected.


There is a battle waging out there…beyond the Republicans and Democrats.  That battle is for the bodies, hearts, and minds, and the money gained, through the criminal exploitation of our children.  Yes, it goes beyond exploitation to the criminal violation of our children.  It goes to robbing them of their innocence.  It can mean life and death for some.  It breaks up families.


On the other hand, for a few at the top, it makes millionaires and billionaires of those that run the criminal enterprises.  Programs like Hidden Tears are working to raise awareness and support law enforcement in stopping the crimes and repatriating the children with their families and society.  Hidden Tears and the many other programs are standing by, awaiting you to get the calling.  Join in on the fight to save those children…perhaps your children!  And then there is the “if you see something, say something!”  It fits here as well.


And then there is this guy…

FILE PHOTO: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reacts with Ri Pyong Chol (L) in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on May 15, 2017.


What on earth is he doing, and why?  I have run out of words.


What are your thoughts?  Have we lost our minds?  Can we get back on track and resume living each day with some form of joy and happiness?


Will there be missile alerts, real and imagined?!  And on that point, if you are told a missile is coming, where do you go?  Where is the missile going, what is safe, will there be lactose-free milk there?