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I lied, I enjoy telling you I told you so! Sometimes we can take credit in our advisories when they show to be true or confirmed. in my 24 March 2019 posting (

anonymous hacker and cyber criminal man coming out from computer laptop screen with grabbing and stealing hand in black glove as conceptual password hacking and cyber crime

I discussed a website post, that offered solutions to the fact that your homes Alexa device was listening to you, even when you are not talking to it. Not, presumably out of some nefarious intent, but instead so that it could anticipate and serve your needs.

And then there is the above Bloomberg report and the CNN companion reports. So not only is Alexa listening to you, but the listening goes even to those servicing the Alexa, the employees.

Is there good reason for this? Well, I am certain that somewhere there is the usual disclaimer statement that reads something like “the safety and security of our users is paramount…” Follow that up with the “yada, yada, yada’s!”

Not to indite Amazon and their Alexa product. No, just to make clear the reality. I do, and I am certain that you do appreciate the service and value that can be had by these kinds of products. The problem is managing the product at the user level, and at the administrator level. And this may not be…no, actually, it is not being done at present.

So Amazon, So “hey Alexa” listen when I address you, not when I speak in your presence. Hey Administrators, do not listen to me via my Alexa device. Do your service job, don’t entertain yourselves at my expense.

Of course, I say this. Actually, my Alexa is not plugged in.