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So where are we…


Mark Zuckerberg from FaceBook

This past week we saw Facebook admit, announce, reveal…your call, that they had a software glitch that contributed to a breach of their system.  This breach allowed access to bad actors that sought to get into user accounts and make changes.  Yet another example of the vulnerabilities we face in this computer and social media obsessed time in America.


There are countless examples of these breaches, those we know of and those yet to be revealed, and those yet to happen.  It is inevitable.


And then there is the “fake news” dynamic that came about in what many today call the “Trump” era.  Not that Trump caused it, but he certainly brought it to our attention through speeches, tweets and any forum he could find.


This is not Trump complaining, but rather one of his influencers…


Is it true?  Your call.  One side says yes, the other no.  One size grabs at the issue when it suits them, as does the other when the worm turns.  There are many examples of what could be called fake news.  I won’t waste your time listing them all, you have access to the same information that I do.  Whether or not you agree, I should add.  CNN will certainly argue that they, for one, have never issued ‘fake news.”  One wonders about that.


Politicians often engage in modified versions of what they say and report.  After the many recent Senate hearings, we heard each side opine on what they just heard from a witness.  Each heard something different…remarkable it seems.  But I bet, one of my two readers sees it different from the other one.


As to the current issue of Judge Kavanaugh versus Dr. Ford on the issue of her Sexual Assault allegations against him, I viewed the interviews from the standpoint of my own personal experience years ago as a Sex Crimes Investigator for the Los Angeles Police Department.  But I promise you, one of my followers would disagree with me, and the other, might agree…you never know.


So where does this leave us here in America?  Nowhere really!  We have not moved the bar forward one bit in the evolution of the human species.  I’m wrong, you are right…and reverse and repeat.  It will be interesting to see how that particular issue finishes, but I seriously doubt that there will be any consensus among Americans.  We are committed to disagreement, to the point of violence and harassment.  And to think, we were considered to be one of, if not the most evolved of the societies of the day.  My view, not so much.  On that point, I will likely get a lot of agreement.

Protesters against the Kavanaugh hearings


Senator being read a riot act after Kavanaugh hearings

So many issues and so little time!  But then, my Doctor is playing hardball, I am still on restricted duty with my knee…but I did get most of the stitches removed.  So there is that, America!  Yay!