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List of but a few of the Celebrities who have been burglarized

Rapper Home Burglary

Amber Rose Home Burglary

So there you are, a famous celebrity. Likely you live in a nice home. Likely you have security…alarms, camera’s, maybe physical security and/or a private security service. Not so likely you have your secure home broken into. Not so likely it happens when you are away, or worse yet, you are at home!

All those likely and not likely seem to not matter. There has been a rash, better said an epidemic of burglaries of high end homes lived in by high end people. These are big name celebrities. What they have in common are nice neighborhoods, nice large homes and high quality and expensive possessions inside. And the burglars know this.

Now it is true there currently is a seeming upswing in the number of normal home residential burglaries going on today. These range from so called “knock knock” types seeking to see if anyone answers, day time basic break-ins, to night time “hot prowl” burglars, the term used to identify those home where it is likely someone is in the home at the time of the crime.

Why is this happening to these people? No one can say for certain. It is obviously true that the criminals can presume there are valuables like jewelry or technology inside, if not just expensive items of furniture or art. Jewelry is an obvious target because it is generally small and easily transportable. But some of these crimes have included targeting heavy and secured safes. Not so easy to break into or remove a safe! But it happens.

Some celebrities have made little effort to disguise the fact that they have expensive and valuable items. They certainly cannot take them with them where-ever they go. Though some have, and the consequences can be equally dangerous. I’m reminded of the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris France this year.

The good news is that to date no one has been seriously injured. The bad news is that in most cases, perhaps all of those listed, no one has been arrested. The Kardashian case was, as noted not in America, but it still carries the trend of celebrity attacks.

Solutions? I am glad you asked, I have some recommendations…let me know if you are curious!