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Check out the link below, in case you missed the news story.


A woman in Alabama is taken hostage by a man who goes on to carjack her (take her car by force). He places her in the trunk of the car and take off. That was HIS plan, but not hers! Not so fast! The woman chooses survival over victim-hood. She decides to not wait for some knight in shining armor to come save her.

She takes action. At a point when the vehicle has slowed to what she evidently felt was a safe speed, she takes action. Bless her heart! She forces the trunk open, rolls out on the ground as the vehicle is slowly moving, gets to her feet and flees to safety. She likely earned some sore and bruised parts for the ground, but she saved herself from the unknown intentions of this criminal. Her injuries are a badge of honor in my book.

I love this lady!

I have a Your Situational Awareness 101 Seminar and training program that teaches Awareness, planning and how to anticipate and respond to unexpected circumstances. Much like what happen to this woman, you too can be taken by surprise in this dangerous world we now live in. Nowhere is safe, including your own vehicle, you own home, the streets of your own cities. Criminals and Terrorists seem to be finding their way to the places where we all live, work and play. My training program works with you to turn that problem around.

Your Situational Awareness 101, encourages you to become self-aware, remove distractions, use the gifts born in all of us to know your environment and the threats that can be lurking in the shadows. And if attacked, how to respond.

In this incident, we see an example of the fact that every modern vehicle today, has a method for a person to open the trunk from the inside. Further, most vehicles have the rear seat backs that can be detached from the sides and moved or kicked if necessary, opening to the passenger compartment.

My good friend and business associate, Clinton Emerson’s book, 100 Deadly Skills (, he outlines the various methods to escape from such a situation. Is this a controversial subject? I bet this woman in Alabama would not ask question it!

Each situation that might confront a person has its own unique circumstances that define the best course of action to resolve. In our training and that used by Military Special Operations, Spies and Operators we focus on being prepared ahead of time. We focus on being alert, not distracted. We plan movements and operations. And we use a time-honored concept of operations called the OODA Loop. OODA Loop stands for Observe, Orient, Determine and Act. This is a concept of operations developed by a Korean War pilot to address the disadvantage fighter pilots had at that time to superior fighter jets they were confronting. Our fighter pilots, using inferior aircraft at that time, were able to overcome and win in air to air confrontations where before they could not. Those concepts are still in use today and can be used to your benefit and your safety.

Yes, I don’t know this person, but I sure wish I could take credit for her awareness skills and action response. She is a survivor. Should you take note and learn? Don’t even bother considering an answer, hell yes you should! The world we live in today, yes, here in America as well as the Third World out there, has become equally dangerous. Our streets, our homes, our workplaces, malls, theaters and perhaps worse yet, our children’s’ schools.

This Alabama woman set an example for everyone to follow.

You take action. Contact us at my main site, . Reach out to me, we can talk. Check out Clint’s book and his website. My own book is on the shelf at home…yes, I am getting around to, so don’t yell at me!