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Please check out my recent interview on a Fox News, south east region TV station. The talk was about the Wikileaks Vault 7 leak, its impact on government, intelligence and society.

My key points were about the curious focus on the intelligence communities hacking, and a total disregard for the criminal hacking that goes on all the time, along with the impact that smart devices and our relationship, and even reliance on social media service that also rely on their access to our personal and private information.

Key points to the last argument is that we freely give our data and access to social media, credit card company’s, websites, and use our data on GPS devices and smart phones. Each and all can track us, sneak and leak data and compromise our privacy, all without our knowledge. Further, and most concerning…do you even know who that guy or lady is at “X” social media company that has access to your personal information and is supposedly protecting your data? Did that person go through a security and background check to have such access? Did that person take a polygraph to backup their claim of trustworthiness? Rhetorical question…they did not! Those companies will tell you that they “value your privacy” yada yada yada…but in the end, they do none of the things that the dreaded intelligence agencies do for their personnel who may or may not access private information. And in most cases, virtually all cases, when the government does it, it is based on a Federal Judge Warrant that is supported with criminal or terrorist information. If we are going to dis-trust…then fine, let’s place our distrust fairly and smartly across the board to those most worthy of our distrust.

Just my thought on the subject.

anonymous hacker and cyber criminal man coming out from computer laptop screen with grabbing and stealing hand in black glove as conceptual password hacking and cyber crime