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Thing is…yeah I promised a post, so this is a post.

But actually I promised something substantive on “Your Situational Awareness.” Right!

Problem is, there are these guys, lots of guys. Sweaty, dirty guys, all over my house and in my office. No, not burglars, you know how I treat burglars. These guys are construction, or Better put, destruction guys. They were invited. They are doing massive work in the house. And that includes my home office. My computer is cover in tarp, and Even still with the tarp it is also covered in dust. My 40 inch curved HD monitor…screen broken!

That is a bathroom above my office. The ceiling above the office is open to the destructed bathroom. I’m too depressed to take pictures of the office.

So, soon! Maybe in a week from today. The office could be back in service and I can get my fingers to work. Please be patient with me, I’m suffering…my 4K TV is also in there…with a dust covering motif.

P.S…this post was done on my iPad.