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There is always:

  • a best direction to go, 
  • a best place to run, 
  • a best place to hide,
  • and when it becomes necessary to fight, a best way of facing that challenge.
It’s all fine, until it is not…

With Awareness you arm yourself with knowledge. With that knowledge you are equipped to avoid, handle and respond to suspicious people or circumstances, Or emerging threats.


Friends, you will recall my prior post giving my sob story for not doing posts for what has become a long absence. Well, things have not changed. The destruction and construction in my home, to include my home office is still ongoing. I lost a 30 inch wide screen monitor in the battle. But an end is near. Don’t get me wrong. These guys are not finished. But I have determined that when you hit a road block, the best response is to adjust and move forward. So, I am building this post on my iPad. So, bear with me!

The crime, the terrorists, the dangers of nature and the unknown possibles do not wait for us to be prepared. It is up to you to arm or prepare yourself for, at the very least, the basic and ever present possible risks we all may face.

Those risks come in the form of natural incidents, and even disasters. That includes limited environment fires all the way to major area or region fires if you live in a location that has a history of such events. That includes where I live in Southern California.

Also in Cali, perhaps as a result or influenced by those fires, we have floods and land slides. When the fires burn away the landscape, it leaves the risk that the ground becomes overcome by rain and what can follow is a landslide.

And then there are the day to day, night to night threat of Earthquakes, again, at least here in California. We get them daily without even knowing it when they are smaller or deeper underground. But there is the much warned, and always possible, major quakes. We have not yet had the threatened “BIG ONE” just yet, but we know, any day or night now…

So the obvious question is, are we, are you ready? Without question it can be hard, but not impossible, to be prepared for everything. With that in mind, certainly we, you, could be generally prepared for the most likely for your area, event. Yes, you can!

That preparedness will be covered by an upcoming posting that deals with each separate type of threat, and hopefully covering the area or region in which you live. So again, bear with me.

Yeah, I know…

Getting to the key point of this post and the four opening key bullets, which are some basic concepts that I will later expand upon.

These concepts can be applied to any and all circumstance in the threat and risk environment.

These bullets work the close relationship with the OODA Loop, which I have spoken of in several previous posts.

When you are in Alert and Aware mode you are Observing, Orienting, Determining and Acting.

Wikipedia: The OODA loop is the cycle observe–orient–decide–act, developed by military strategist and United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd.

There are keys to making your Alert and Aware skills sharp. That is what we will be developing in my upcoming posts.

So, please stand by!