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Post-July surgery, but wait, there is more…there was a third surgery because there were leaks in the seam of the stitches.

Social Unrest is what this post is primarily about.  But first, let me indulge myself.  Yes, friends, all two of you.  I am still on the mend.  Cannot restart physical therapy until the last of the stitches are removed.  Hoping to get some or all of them out this next Tuesday.  I haven’t been writing, in part, because it is very uncomfortable to sit at the computer desktop.  Also most of the last several months I have been on pain medications…enough said!


I have noticed that the world has not waited for my return.  Events have been rolling along at a disturbing pace.  Social unrest is rampant. Politics in America are on fire.  Everyone is mad at everyone.  Everyone pretends to not, but actually does hate everyone else.  Everyone is a Racist, everyone is a Nazi, everyone hates the police, the economy is either falling apart, growing enormously or is only good because of the other guy.  Men are all pigs…literally.  Men are all sexist and rapists…which may partly be true…or not!


What if, just for laughs, everyone in America tried to say, “ok, I disagree, but I am listening, I will work with you, I will give you a chance, I will not name call or label you! What if we tried to not piss off the other side!  What if we said, “I don’t agree, but let’s see what happens because, after all the world does continue to rotate, at least for now.  Predictions of war, famine, disease, riots and the many other social and cultural changes have not happened, to date.


Each election I gave the winning guy, as has been the case to date, the benefit of the doubt.  This is to say, I allowed Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump…the chance to do their thing with the country.  No hating the one that I didn’t vote for, no name calling, no extreme predictions that it must be acknowledged never seem to happen.


We should remember there are consequences to the actions, positions, and pronouncements we make.  That is how each of those guys got elected, and doubtless how the one woman did not.


Few will see this post as I am not going to FB promote it…I am actually considering trashing my FB presence.  But, if the two of you, my followers, like or find interest in this post, please share or tell someone.