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Friends, accidental and intended readers, followers, curiosity surfers, welcome.  This is a different kind of Post for me.  I am somewhat advertising a new Seminar program I will be participating in. 
I am happy to let you know that I will be speaking at the three day seminar, “Camp of the Masters.”
This event is described in brief below and is put on by my very good friend Cliff Stewart.
Cliff is a renown Maha Guru instructor for a Martial Arts system called “Pentjak Silat” and author of the book “Within Arms Reach.”
I hope I can be forgiven for not being expert or even somewhat familiar with Pentjak Silat, to the rude point of event misspelling the name unconsciously.  I have seen it in training scenarios by Cliff and his students, and with my own Martial Arts and tactical background, I must say I am impressed with what I have seen.  I think you would be as well.
My talk will focus on terrorism issues with a further focus on domestic, self defense, awareness and mindset.  More info below.
Camp of the Masters, by Cliff Stewart…three days with a dozen of the finest Martial Arts Masters, the finest in the world.
Some of what will be taught:
  • Introduction to Executive Protection, by Cliff
  •  My 30 years of experience
  • A real-world presentation by a very good friend and former Covert Operations Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, discussing the Local and Global Terrorist world view.
  • You, the challenge to you and how you chose to respond.
  • Filipino Arts – sharing the stick and blade from several different methods, taught by real masters in the arts.
  • Indonesian Pencak Silat – taught by Gurus from different styles, and, the same styles, each with their own understanding of this dynamic and deadly art.
  • African Fighting Arts – from some of the best experts in the country.
  • Capoeira the African/Brazilian, deadly fighting art that was once band from study because of its lethality.
  • Principles of Movements and Motion – by Grand Master Dr. Ron Chapel.


These are concepts that you will not get anywhere else. This is a must for the real martial artist.  Combining what I hope will be a supportive and informative discussion on the current issues with local, national and international terrorism and even social unrest, we should have a fine program for the interested.

And there will be much – much more to experience and learn!
Learn with the very best!
When: Oct 27, 28 and 29
Where: Woodland Hills, California
This camp should be a great experience for attendees, and I look forward to my participation.

please take special note, Cliff and I are preparing a unique and specialized seminar program for home and business.  These group and private seminar and potential site surveys will feature concepts for families, homes, office and going about in the ever changing public arena today, where danger and threats seem to await us, more and more.

Make yourself safe, make your children and home safe, make your office and workplace safe.